Moisture & Water Intrusion Inspections


  1. Do you have peeling paint?
  2. Do you have a moldy or musty odor in your home or office?
  3. Did your allergy or asthma symptoms first develop when you moved into a new home or office?
  4. Do your health problems improve when you leave your home or office?
  5. Does your sprinkler overspray hit the stucco of your home or office on a consistent basis?
  6. Do you have water intrusion into your home or office when it rains?
  7. Do you see visible growth inside your home or office?
  8. Do you notice an unusual odor in your home or office upon return after having been away for a number of days?
  9. Are you noticing that you have constant headaches or migraines?
  10. Was your house built before 1978?


  • Visual inspection for signs of water damage.
  • Hand held moisture meters determine if building materials are wet.
  • Thermal imaging utilizing infrared camera.
  • On site consultation regarding findings following the completion of the investigation.
  • Written report including visual inspection and photo documentation.
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    Moisture is the number one cause for mold growth, which can lead to serious health issues. If you suspect mold growth, you should act fast! Identifying the source of the water intrusion quickly helps limit your water damage, repair costs, and eliminates future health problems. We perform a visual inspection looking for signs of moisture damage followed by the use of hand held moisture meters.
    Colorado home inspections water intrusion areas of concern diagram
    Moisture Intrusion Inspector

    Check Your Home for Moisture Intrusion Before You Find Toxic Mold!

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