1-Year Warranty Inspection

A 1-year warranty inspection is imperative to protecting you and your family.

I had a 1-year Warranty Inspection for a 1-Year warranty that was about to expire. The inspector found many problems that I didn’t know about. He was thorough and very detailed. Very professional and personal. I highly recommend.
Tyler Kron



Why opt for a certified 1-year Warranty Inspection?

  • Everyone makes mistakes; it is rare we inspect a new home without finding a defect.
  • You are able to provide a thorough, detailed inspection report to your builder with all repair or replace items listed in the beginning summary.
  • High-resolution pictures are included of all areas of concern.
  • A certified inspection gives you a professional perspective on your property.
  • We offer a 110% Best Price Guarantee, ensuring you receive the best inspection for the best price.

Common Defects we find in New Homes

  • Structural issues
  • Foundation sinking
  • Missing insulation

Detailed, comprehensive report

Our reports are a third-party, unbiased report you are able to present to your builder. We are fully certified, so you know your builder will trust us and our opinion.

Certified Inspectors Act as Your Advocate

Our inspectors are Internationally certified for home inspections through InterNACHI, a reputable, respected company. They are ready and willing to assist you with any issues you run into with your builder.

Trusted, Preferred

Axium’s inspectors come highly referred, and all go through an extensive background check and world-class training to ensure they are knowledgeable and ready to assist you.
A 1-year Warranty Inspection is performed thirty days prior to the expiration of the builder’s One-Year New Home Warranty. It presents concerns you may want to bring to the builder’s attention and allows time for any necessary repairs. We never inspect a home without finding defects. Whether built yesterday or 100-years ago, homes are difficult to build, and mistakes are bound to happen. With a quality, certified inspector like we have here at Axium, you will be provided with a full, detailed report to present to your builder. We will act as your advocate to ensure they take care of the issues we have found and will help you throughout the process. The 1-year Warranty Inspection is a great way to keep yourself informed.

With Axium Inspections you will know if your new home was constructed with quality and care, ensuring a stress free future, and allowing you to focus on building memories in your new home and not on high maintenance costs!

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

110% Best Price Guarantee

Axium offers a 110% Best Price Guarantee

Matching any certified and insured home inspection company’s price, and then beating it by 10%!

Certified Master Inspectors

Certified Master Inspectors Available

 Board certified master inspectors are the best in the world with years of experience and all the knowledge you’ll need for a thorough home or commercial inspection.

InterNACHI certified

All Inspectors are InterNACHI Certified!

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors is the best certification one can have!

ASHI Certified

Axium is ASHI Certified!

Yet another certification you can rely on to provide you only the best home inspections!

A+ rated with the Denver BBB

Axium has an A+ rated with the Denver BBB

An accreditation you can trust!

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Team Dave Logan has trusted us for over 5 years, and so should you!

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