Mission & Values


Axium Inspections strives to be the premier partner in real estate by empowering our communities with innovative and collaborative solutions to protect present and future investments. Axium brings excellence through experience, accuracy, and reliability. 

Axium’s Core Values

The core values of our organization are those values we hold closest and which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.


We partner with our employees and clients to innovate towards solutions. We listen intently for opportunities to make worlds better. We collaborate as a committed team player, investing in not only what makes sense for Axium but also what makes our partners more successful. We take pride in our ability to make ideas happen and grow. We figure out a way to make things happen together, overcoming obstacles and gaining deep trust along the way. “Yes, we can” is something we say every single day. 


Axium strives to be a growth leader, setting a new standard by thinking outside of the box with how to innovate the industries we are in. We don’t settle for the old ways to do things, we solve problems with new tools, technology, and ideas. We progress to lead our industries through pioneering a way, where others believe there isn’t one. The status quo is not good enough for us. 


We set a new tone with professionalism in every industry we serve. Everything from our offices to the dedicated service we provide is designed with excellence in mind. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the work we do. There is far too much riding on the lives that our company impacts. Each team member understands this foundational value and is committed to providing a step above experience that delivers consistently. We take each day as an opportunity to rise to the next level. 


We started from humble beginnings and know the importance of our word and reputation. We are true to our commitments, people, and partners. We strive for mutual respect through understanding and fairness. We want to be trusted as a company and individuals of integrity. Our value is not just in the services that we innovate but in the dependability of who we are in the long-term. We are referred because of our past successes and will never take this for granted.