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How Does It Work?

Pre-Inspection Walk Through

Axium Inspectors will meet with the property managers or owners to go through Denver’s rental inspection, compliance, and licensing process and address items to be inspected, common deficiencies, and best practices.

Random Unit Selection

Axium Inspection uses a third-party random number generator to determine the units of the multi-tenant building that need to be inspected. Axium will document this selection process for recording purposes.

Rental Inspections

Our ICC Certified Inspectors perform thorough inspections of each rental unit identified with the property manager earlier in the process. We abide by the strict standards of ICC and follow the City of Denver’s Residential Rental Inspection Checklist. All inspection findings will be recorded with detailed notes and images.

Compliance Checklist

While Axium’s Inspectors are conducting their thorough inspection of the units, they will create a checklist that records the issues found during the inspection that do not meet the program’s requirements. Our Inspectors will also include resources that can help in correcting the issues.


When Axium has gone over the issues in question and the property manager/owner has addressed those issues to meet compliance, your ICC certified Inspector can revisit the previously inspected units to certify these issues have been resolved.

Approval and Documentation

At the completion of our rental unit inspections, compliance corrections, and any subsequent re-inspections, Axium will provide you a completed Residental Rental Inspection Checklist for each of the inspected units. We will also provide all documentation necessary to filing for your rental license. All detailed inspection reports, images, and notes will be stored online for future access.

Denver Rental License Inspections

At the beginning of 2022, the City of Denver revealed the new details for inspection, compliance, and licensing  for the Residential Rental Program as a part of the “Healthy Residents for All” ordinance passed by Denver City Council.

Denver City Council now requires the inspection and licensing of all rental units in Denver and will be unrolled in a phased approach:

Phase 1 – Jan 1, 2022

Early licensing will open for all rental dwelling units on a parcel. Early licensing fee reduced by 50% for all rentals during early licensing phase.

Phase 2 – Jan 1, 2023

License required for any person to offer, provide, or operate a residential rental property consisting of 2 or more rental dwelling units on a parcel. Examples include Apartment buildings and complexes, condo units, and rowhome units. The City of Denver is offering an early licensing discount open for single dwelling units on a single parcel.

Phase 3 – Jan 1, 2024

License required for any person to offer, provide, or operate a residental rental property consisting of a single rental dwelling unit on a single parcel. Examples include single-family homes, condo units, and rowhome units. Rental inspection licenses will cost $50 for all rentals in this phase.

Denver Rental License Inspection Resources

Stay up-to-date on the Denver Rental Licensing program with the City of Denver resources below.

Rental Inspection Checklist

Learn what’s being looked for during a rental inspection

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RRP Guidebook

Get detailed information from Denver on each inspection item

Click to Learn More

Program Overview

“Healthy Residential Rentals for All” Denver rental License Policy

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Examples of Items Inspected

General External Condition

Chipping and peeling paint

Decks and balconies



General Internal Conditions



Ceilings, walls & floors


Home Systems





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