Vacant Property Inspections

Vacant Property Inspections, or VPIs, are similar in nature to Rental Inspections with a few exceptions. VPIs are inspections conducted on vacant homes whereas Rental Inspections are scheduled directly with the current tenant.  Axium’s VPI clients include home investment entities that purchase, renovate and resell a bulk number of properties.   

Why Axium Inspections?

Developers and investors know firsthand that a considerable amount of time can pass between the purchase of an investment property and the final sale.  A lot can happen during that time due to a variety of elements including weather, human (vandalism, burglary, squatters), system and appliance failures, water intrusion and mold to name a few. 

While the home sits in the sales pipeline, Axium’s team of inspectors keep our clients’ investments safe and show-ready by inspecting the property for any defects incurred since the last visit.  Our team has reported trees felled into a home’s structure, burst pipes, inoperable HVAC, and so many more items that would turn away a potential buyer before they even made it through the foyer.  With over 85,000 VPIs completed and counting, Axium’s centrally managed and dispatched team of inspectors, across 25 national markets, has helped to save our clients millions of dollars in potential damages for defects gone unreported. Not to mention lost sales due to unpleasant surprises for a listing agent. 

Benefits of Vacant Property Inspections


Gives peace of mind to buyers that their potential investment has been well-cared for and maintained.


Provides proof of upkeep to give an advantage over other properties under consideration.


Ensures no unwanted houseguests have occupied the property in between showings including humans, insects, or other pests.


Keeps home or business in show-worthy condition.


Ensure safe conditions for anyone entering the property.


Alerts owners to any damage or repairs needed.

What should you expect during a Vacant Property Inspetion?

Internal and External Damage Checks

Lights & Appliance Checks

System Checks

Light Cleaning

Inspections can be scheduled as needed or set up on a weekly rotation until the property transfers ownership. Call Axium today for additional information on protecting your investment properties.