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Additional Services

Radon Test ($165)

A 48-hour electronic test to evaluate whether or not the radon levels are safe.  Radon is a colorless, odorless gas present in most soils and long-term exposure to radon can cause lung cancer.

Radon Mitigation (call for pricing)

Axium installs only Class-A radon mitigation systems that meet or exceed the ASTM E-2121 Standard Practices.  Our certified mitigations are installed under the guidance of a certified specialist and we guarantee to reduce the radon levels below the EPA acceptable level of 4.0 pCi/l.  Our installers are certified, approved and listed with the State of Colorado.

Sewer Scope ($194)

Every home has a sewer line that has the potential to be damaged or obstructed, which can be one of the most costly repairs to encounter in a home.  A professional sewer scope uses a camera to view the inside of the sewer line to determine if there are cracks, bellying, damages, clogs, debris or roots growing into the line.  The report consists of video documentation as well as notes about any damages found.

Asbestos Inspection (starting at $395 + samples)

Asbestos is a hazardous material that was used in insulation and other housing materials because of its strength and fire resistant characteristics. Asbestos is extremely harmful to one’s health and can cause serious respiratory problems. Working with a certified professional is the only safe way to determine if asbestos is present in your home.

Mold Inspections (starting at $295 + samples)

Axium uses state-of-the-art Zefron International Bio-Pump Plus equipment to perform mold air tests and identify concentration levels and species of the mold spores.  Samples are sent to a nationally accredited lab for analysis with a 48-hour turnaround on results.

Moisture & Water Intrusion Inspections ($295)

Visual and photo documentation of any signs of water damage collected by use of hand-held moisture meters and thermal imaging using an infrared-camera.

Water & Water Quality Testing (call for pricing)

Water samples are collected to ensure your water quality is high and your well-pump is working at optimal capacity.  This is important for your both your health and your pocket.  

Septic Inspection ($295)

Your septic system  should be inspected when buying a new home and every 2-3 years.  A septic inspection provides an up-to-date snapshot of how the system is operating and what maintenance schedules to follow.

Septic Tank Pumping & Waste Disposal (call for pricing)

Depending on the size and condition of a septic system and household water usage, septic tanks should be pumped out every 1-5 years.  Over time, sludge levels can build up to high or hazardous levels and can overflow or back-up into unwanted places.

Infrared-Thermal Inspections ($295)

Our thermal-graphic camera enables a powerful, non-invasive method to monitor and diagnose the condition of homes and buildings.  This state-of-the-art technology quickly identifies any problem areas that can’t be see by the naked eye including HVAC air duct leakage, electrical hotspots and moisture leakage.

Lead Testing (starting at $395)

Lead is toxic to everyone and older homes are notorious for lead-based paint and lead in other areas.  Babies are at the highest risk for health issues caused by lead poisioning.  Axium can test common areas and help to keep you safe.

Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection ($295)

Our Team will check the property and provide a report on any visible and accessible evidence of an infestation or damage by wood-destroying organisms.

Electromagnetic Field Inspection ($295)

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and wireless radiation (Radio-frequencies or “RF”) have now become the largest, fastest growing and most hazardous set of building toxins. While it is impossible to completely avoid EMFs in society, Axium can find the sources and report out so a plan can be developed to mitigate.

Repair Estimate Report ($100)

The Repair Estimate Report (RER) uses the details from your inspection to create cost estimates that agents and clients can use during their negotiation process.

Additional Information

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All inspections are backed by our 110% Best Price and 200% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the home inspection*, not only will we refund the home inspection fee, we will also pay for another certified home inspector of your choice to inspect the same house. We are so confident in what we do, we are willing to back it up with our 200% Home Inspection Guarantee!

Axium offers the BEST VALUE at the BEST PRICE, offering a 110% best price guarantee for any certified and insured home inspector. We will match their price and beat it by 10%. Guaranteeing the lowest price and the best quality inspection.

Our home inspectors are nationally certified through InterNACHI or ASHI. We have 3 Board Certified Master Inspectors, and our inspectors are trained by a CMI with years of experience. Their backgrounds vary from licensed contractors to home builders. They will provide the best home inspection with their knowledge.

Your home is important. Don’t cut corners.

Does it really make sense to cut corners and hire a less than qualified person to handle something as important as the safety of your family? Our certified inspections are very competitive and in-line with the most certified and insured inspectors across Colorado. We understand there are many costs attributed when buying a property, but with a property under contract, we know you want only the best for your new purchase. We base our pricing on type, size, and the age of the property.

Hire experienced professionals.

If you want to make sure you have a professional inspection, may it be a home inspection, radon, commercial, mold, wood-destroying organism, well, or water intrusion, we are the best at what we do. All of our inspectors undergo a thorough training program and are trained by a Board Certified Master Inspector. We offer the best certified inspections in the area, as well as superior customer service. We continually learn and grow from our clients and realtor partners and implement changes immediately when needed.

High quality…affordable price.

You are our first priority, and we greatly appreciate your business. Please take the time to compare our qualifications and services, and you will see why Axium Inspections is the go to inspection company. We will match any competitor’s price as long as they are certified through ASHI or NACHI and insured and bonded as we are. We guarantee the best price and service!

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