Benefits of Partnering With Axium Inspections

Axium is committed to protecting your investments and your interest as a customer. All Axium Inspections customers receive a number of benefits included in their purchase.


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Guard Home Warranty

An inspection is a point in time and our inspectors can only speak to the property’s current condition at the time of inspection. We cannot control or predict when systems may breakdown or fail entirely. For this reason, we are pleased to offer our inspection customers additional protection with Guard Home Warranty. 

Guard Home Warranty is the leader in home inspection warranty protection. All home inspection customers will receive the option to opt-in to this 30-day free trial which will cover your appliances and systems from unexpected failures and breakdowns. Appliances, mechanical systems and home systems often break when you least expect them to. Compare the repair/replacement cost of typical appliances with and without our warranty plan. Guard can help you incur less costs than you have to as a homeowner. No age restrictions on systems or appliances, no service claim fee due unless approved, $25,000 in aggregate savings per contract term, simple and easy to use claims portal available day or night, top-notch customer service, and you are even able to choose your own contractor!

Appliance Package

Guard Home Warranty’s Appliance Package provides world-class coverage for your appliance for a low monthly price.

Systems Package

The Systems Package is for those looking for protection against the high costs associated with home systems malfunctions and repairs.

VIP Packages

This top-tier package is Guard’s most exhaustive coverage for appliances and home systems and offers a comprehensive service plan with low fees and prompt service. 

Porch 90-Day Inspection Guarantee

If, within 90-Days of your inspection, you later find a deficiency that was required to be inspected (in compliance with the inspector’s designated standards of practice) but was not included on the original report, Porch will reimburse you $150 per missed item, up to (a) the home inspection fee you paid or (b) $600 total. 

Porch Home Assistant Gold Program

In appreciation of your business, Axium Inspections customers receive a COMPLIMENTARY membership to the Porch Home Assistant Gold Program. This program helps homeowners tackle everything on their move-in to-do lists including: address changes and mail forwarding, purchasing home insurance, scheduling home repairs and much, much, more! 

Repair Pricer

How accurate are the reports?

In studies that have been conducted with real life reports, Repair Pricer has found their reparts are 98% accurate when it comes to true repair cost. 


For an additional $79.99, Repair Pricer will provide you with a repair estimate report for the item found in your inspection. This report includes price quotes for potential problems raised in your inspection reports broken down by categories such as windows, garage, plumbing, HVAC, and more. This report will be available for viewing within 24 hours of purchase.

The Axium Promise

All of Axium Inspections’ top-notch services are backed by the below guarantees 

110% Best Price Guarantee

If a competitor offers a lower price than our quote, we will not only match that price, but also beat it by another 10% ensuring that you’ll always get the best price!

Buyer Protection Guarantee

If you decide against the home that we inspect, we will inspect another home free of charge for up to 30 days.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your inspection, Axium will refund the home inspection fee and pay for another certified home inspector to inspect the same property.

Have a Question?

Axium offers a long list of benefits, guarantees, and warranties so reach out to Axium if you have any questions about them or our Home Inspection services.

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