They are very detailed in their report. And we’re friendly to work with.
Fallon Gillespie | Home Inspection & Sewer Scope | Denver Colorado | 80010 | Aurora

Awesome Job by Brandon. He was very nice and thorough with the inspection. He was able to help me to explain certain things that came up and he was very knowledgeable and very professional. overall great service!!! I would definitely recommend.
Pablo Rodriguez | Home Inspection & EMF Testing | Denver Colorado | 80305 |Boulder

We had Scott H come inspect a home for us and he was awesome. I had tons of questions and wanted to watch the process as closely as possible. He answered all my questions with patience and allowed me to stick to his side through the whole thing. Also, another quality that Scott exhibited that I really value is not talking a lot. When I would ask a question he would simply answer it, without overexplaining
Travis McKinstry | Home Inspection & Indoor Air Quality | Denver Colorado | 80601| Brighton

Jeff Krause and the whole Axium team did an absolutely wonderful job with our home inspection. The scheduling was fast and the customer service team was very helpful. Jeff beat us to the site and was already working on it by the time we arrived at the appointed time. He was very thorough with each area of the house and explained each area of concern and how to mitigate it. He obviously has a ton of experience and we will absolutely request him if we ever need another home inspected. He even called us to explain further nuances of the report after he sent it. Thank you!!

Kjierstyn Davis | Home Inspection & Enviormental Testing| Denver Colorado | 80603| Brighton

Had issues with getting gas turned on to house from Xcel and builder. David Montano from Axium came back twice after the initial inspection to make sure we got everything looked at – and on short notice! Inspection was extremely well detailed and useful for communication with seller!
Kevin Howes | Home Inspection & Lead Testing| Denver Colorado | 80305| Boulder