Our residential home inspector, Ruben Rojo, was punctual to our appointment and very professional. His inspection was thorough, and he gave us an opportunity at the end of the inspection to bring up our own concerns and to go over his list of action items. We had a very positive inspection experience with him!

The general home inspection, sewer scope, and radon reports were delivered in a very timely manner and were downloadable online. The signup, payment, and reports were easy to understand and professional.

The inspection report was easy to read, had good formatting, and the pictures were good quality; however, the report itself was pretty neutrally worded and avoiding taking stances on which items were critical or safety concerns or really need fixed. We have seen other inspection reports that have summary sections for critical items and highlighting in red or orange for which items need prioritized based on the inspectors experience. When I asked about adding this it was indicated that it was not Axium’s practice to do this and that all resolutions are presented equally in the formatting of the report. In our case our report had over 80 items, so this was a little disappointing. The inspector was open to discussing the report after it was issued and we were able to agree on a few changes after the initial report was issued, which was very helpful and appreciated.

The biggest complaint I have is with communication. I was not able to communicate directly with the inspector. I had to call the main line and request call backs. Because the inspector was in and out of other home inspections it ended up taking two days and three call requests before I could get ahold of him. Then another day and a half for the reissued report. I was nervous that I would not get the updated report in time, and the follow up communication process in general was stressful and frustrating.

Overall I would recommend this company for home inspection with the caveat of making sure that you clearly communicate expectations while you can in-person during the inspection because after the report is issued there is no scheduled follow up to go over the report with the inspector.

Amanda Aten | Home Inspection & Mold Inspection| Denver Colorado | 80010 | Aurora

Sean B. was our certified inspector and he was excellent! He allowed, and encouraged, me to follow him around so he could should me everything I needed to know, or could ever want to know, about my new home. Sean was very thorough and worked efficiently. He was also extremely friendly; I highly recommend Sean as well as Axium inspections. As a first time home buyer I was nervous about this process, but with Sean and Axium I never needed to be!
Kristy Hilt| Home Inspection & Asbestos Testing| Denver Colorado |80011|Aurora

Online setup was easy, inspector showed up on time and was very thorough looking at our house. He took the time to go over all of his findings and recommendations based on our circumstance. No surprises in the cost. Highly recommend this company.
Jim Woller| EMF Testing| Denver Colorado | 80002| Arvada

I had two inspections done with Axium Inspections. The first one with Michael Morgan was fantastic. He was very through, explained everything very well, and seemed like he genuinely wanted me to be an informed buyer and know exactly what I was getting into. He was so great at his job I ended up not buying the property but decided to use Axium as the inspector on the next house I was under contract for.

For my 2nd property David Montano was the inspector and he was terrible. He didn’t seem invested in me or my inspection. I paid extra for the thermal inspection to detect moisture issues but because the hot water had been shut off in the building and he was unable to fully inspect the system at that time (which was understandable). I paid to have him go back for a 2nd visit when the hot water was on and instead of completing the inspection including checking for leaks all he did was check the temperate of the water coming out of the taps. He was unable to check the roof during the first visit due to snowfall but he also didn’t do it in the 2nd visit despite clear conditions. What I learned later on, just 2 days before I was scheduled to close is that the hot water line had been slowly leaking in the basement since it was turned back on. Had he properly inspected the property during his 2nd visit it would have been detected much earlier.

Other items he missed
* Smoke and CO Detectors had no power and were very old
* Electrical panel was not up to code
* Electrical box in the backyard was blocked by debris and landscaping which is not up to code
* Mouse holes were visible in the basement immediately behind the water heater
* Mouse droppings were visible in the crawlspace and behind the appliances
* Wood under the sink was water damaged and starting to rot
* He did not recommend a mold inspection despite there being visible water damage
* Even the Doorbell did not work but he missed that too

Charlie Mc|Moisture and Water Intrusion | Denver Colorado | 80021| Broomfield

This is my 1st home buying experience. I had Axium come out for my home and sewer line inspection and Man, am I glad I did. I hated the idea of spending $600 on an inspection but it was by fat the best $600 I’ve ever spent. they found issues that I never would have even thought of and if the current owners aren’t willing to repair everything recommended by Axium then i will continue looking and will absolutely be calling Axium for any further inspection needs. Their report was very detailed and easy to understand. Thank you Axium for the Amazing work you all do.
Amy Glassford| Home Inspection & Wood Destroying Organism Inspection | Denver Colorado | 80303| Boulder