Brandon was both knowledgeable and thorough. Beyond giving us a good understanding of the condition of our new home, he offered sound advice on the regular maintenance required to keep the home in good order. We will most certainly use his report as a template for home maintenance going forward.
Joe Martelon | Home Inspection & Asbestos Testing | Denver Colorado | 80305 | Boulder

The inspector, Kyle, was early and waiting when I arrived at the property to meet him for the inspection. He was knowledgeable and professional, and talked through the things as he was noting his discoveries. He made me feel confident in his findings and even gave me some tips on how to resolve any minor issues, as well as sound advice as to what I should go with a professional for.
Christina Sachi Nakata | Home Inspection & Asbestos Testing | Denver Colorado | 80301 | Boulder

We used Brian M. with Axium Inspections to inspect our prospective home in South Denver. It was an excellent experience. Booking was seamless and easy through the office. They were very organized and provided excellent communication on what to expect. Brain arrived promptly for our appointment (actually early) and got right to work. He was knowledgable and pleasant as he completed the inspection and was helpful in pointing out items as he worked. Upon completion, he provided us a thoughtful and thorough overview of the inspection. I felt confident in the product we received and would recommend them to anyone similarly situated.

Chris Brever | Home Inspection & Asbestos Testing | Denver Colorado | 80010 | Aurora

You guys were amazing! Thank you so much. Had a radon system installed. I was unaware of a small leak coming from my fridge. During the install, they noticed it. Turned off my main water and investigated where it was coming from. Just nice of them to look out for something that wasn’t on there scope of work.
Zack Rushak | Home Inspection & Sewer Scope | Denver Colorado | 80013 | Aurora

Axiom inspectors werebon time, thorough, and courteous! They gave a good verbal report on site. Axiom sent out a very comprehensive report. The video of the sewer scope with verbal explanations was very helpful. I recommend Axium to anyone in need of home inspections!
Patty Vigil | Home Inspection & Mold Inspection | Denver Colorado | 80002 | Arvada