The guy was on time and was happy to walk my husband through the process as well. He showed my husband things and gave good honest information/ about what was serious and what was minor.

A Y| Home Inspection & Environmental Testing| Denver Colorado |80138|Parker

Our inspectors were very professional in their approach to the inspection and in relaying issues they found with us in a clear and concise manner. We would use them again.
stephen roberts| Home Inspection & Moisture and Water Intrusion| Denver Colorado |80022|Commerce City

We needed lead paint testing on an older home before doing some renovations. Their price was reasonable and they were able to come out the next day. The inspector was very professional and knowledgeable.

Kevin Diehl| Home Inspection & Well Water Inspection| Denver Colorado |80203|Denver

Axium Inspections, LLC performed a one year new home inspection, sewer scope, and radon test on our home today. We were very pleased with the two inspectors that Axium sent to perform the work. They were both very responsive, knowledgeable and professional when it came to performing their jobs and answering our many questions!

Don Merritt| Home Inspection & Lead Testing| Denver Colorado |80110|Sheridan

Axium was quick to respond as we had very quick turnaround time needed. They took our inspection with less than 24 hour notice. Ruben did a very thorough job, was available for questions throughout the inspection, and did a very succinct and professional in-person summary along with a quick turnaround on the detailed written inspection paperwork. Thank you, Axium and Ruben.

Leigh Osborn| Home Inspection & EMF Testing| Denver Colorado |80516|Erie