Jim Hardin completed my homebuyers inspection. He was very thorough and friendly. He was happy to answer all my questions and went over the findings with me at the end to explain the pictures. I also received the report within hours of the inspection. Thanks Jim!
Emilie Groves| Home Inspection & Well Water Inspection| Denver Colorado |80202|LoDo

David helped out a ton. He gave me the high level summaries without me having to ask, and answered my questions very thoroughly. He found a lot of things and had great suggestions which ultimately led to better seller concessions. Highly recommend!
Dan Faltenberg| Home Inspection & Lead Based Paint Testing| Denver Colorado |80212|Regis

David Montano is a seasoned Certified Professional Inspector and completely deserves that designation. He is thorough, friendly, informative, and very interactive throughout the entire building inspection process. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a complete and thorough home inspection.

And, Axium Inspections is very proactive, along with a very efficient CRM system and amazing cost effectiveness sharing. They share your information (pros & cons) with other related service entities, and give most of those cost rebate savings benefits to you – the customer! I don’t mind a company that can give great service at such a low price, while also being at the top of their industry.

Great Job Axium and David Montano!!!

Randy Barlow| Home Inspection & Asbestos Testing| Denver Colorado |80222|University Hills

Axium exceeded my expectations. They were thorough and focused on the right areas. Thanh worked through every room and quickly pointed out any issues. The team treats the home they are inspecting as of it were their own. I can’t say enough about how good Axium is and if you can pick, ask for Thanh!!

Tyler Larsen| Home Inspection & EMF Testing| Denver Colorado |80204|Sun Valley

Less than 24 hours after I went under contract to buy my first home, Axium was ready for me for a thorough, honest inspection and radon test. Viktor was thorough, friendly, and gave excellent recommendations to me as a first time home buyer. Very much appreciated such a great experience!
Christine Hersh| Home Inspection & Mold Inspection| Denver Colorado |80220.|Mayfair