Our inspector was professional and gave my husband and I a thorough explanation of what he saw. He showed us where we could find each of his findings and ways we could fix them. He was professional, personable and understanding.
Charissa Snyder | Home Inspection & Asbestos Testing | Denver Colorado | 80108 | Castle Rock

Victor was very knowledgeable and took time to explain the reasons why certain items of the inspection were important. The office was notified at 3:10 that he would be late to meet us and we were not notified until 3:45pm for a 4:00pm appt so that would be the only negative of our experience.
Brittany Brennan | Home Inspection & EMF Testing | Denver Colorado | 80013 | Aurora

I was able to schedule an inspection with them very quickly. Then I unexpectedly had to reschedule and they were able to accommodate me. Jeff Krause was my inspector. I walked around with him while he explained all the different aspects of my home, which items were good, which items might need repair. He was very honest and I appreciate his thoroughness. I would absolutely recommend them to my friends.
Shellee Casiello | Home Inspection & Indoor Air Quality | Denver Colorado | 80601 | Brighton