2 – Asbestos Inspection
2.2.1 – Asbestos Testing Results and Summary

An asbestos inspection and test was requested and performed on 8/26/2022 at 2448 Lafayette St for the purpose testing suspect materials prior to performing interior remodel work.

Asbestos containing materials are defined as a mineral substance with an asbestos content of greater than 1%. Asbestos that is digested, inhaled, or otherwise introduced to the body may develop into negative health affects.

A total of twenty-two samples were taken from four homogeneous areas of possible asbestos containing materials.

Testing via PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy) performed by a NVLAP (National Volunteer Laboratory Accreditation Program) accredited laboratory found 3 samples to positively contain asbestos within 11 different homogenous areas.

Please reference the EMLab report for further details.

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3 – Lead Based Paint Inspection
3.1.1 – Lead Based Paint Inspection
Lead Based Paint Inspection 1
Lead Based Paint Inspection 2
Lead Based Paint Inspection 3

A lead based paint test was requested and performed by use of a Niton XLp 300 XRF Analyzer. The XRF has an element that shows the results of the content of lead in paint immediately. Lead based paint is defined as paint with a lead content at 1% or higher. Lead that is digested, inhaled, or otherwise introduced to the body may develop into negative health affects. If lead exposure is suspected it is recommended to see your general physician for an evaluation.

The pictures are in order of the samples taken. Upon entering a new room the first two pictures will show the room being tested. The following pictures will show the result of the sample next to the area sampled. Duplicate samples, i. e. multiple walls in a room, will be represented by one sample unless the result is positive.

Lead based paint can be harmful to the body when disturbed. The main concern with lead based paint in the home is small children and animals teething or chewing on any surface with a lead content. If an exposure has happened it is recommended to be evaluated by a general physician.

The following pictures in the this section of this report notes the areas that tested positive.


The following surfaces that were tested throughout the interior and exterior of the home, tested positive for lead based paint:

(describe paint surface, color, location, and condition of paint)

Due to the positive results, it is recommended to continue maintenance to prevent flaking or deterioration of the paint that tested positive and/or if demolition, modification, or removal of the painted materials is to take place, a qualified lead abatement contractor should properly abate these aforementioned areas that tested positive, according to current standards.

What activities are subject to the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program?

Any activity that disturbs more than 6 square feet of lead paint per room for interior activities or more than 20 square feet on any exterior surface.