In the five years since it was founded, ListingPro by Axium has become one of Colorado’s most trusted and valuable resources for real estate professionals. The company began in a unique way, with one significant question and Vladimir Cvetkov’s intuition that real estate sign installation would be a great addition to Axium Inspections’ portfolio.

In March of 2017, Vladimir, ListingPro’s current VP of Operations, became a certified professional inspector. Vlad interviewed with Wade Williamson, owner of Axium Inspections, who offered him a position but asked if he could wait to start in a few months, with March being a slower time for real estate. Impressed with the team at Axium and eager to begin working, Vlad inquired if there were any opportunities available sooner. Vlad had no idea how timely that question was since Wade had recently purchased the rights to a sign tracking software for Colorado and was looking for an entrepreneurial-minded leader to run the program and grow the business.

Vlad immediately loved the idea! Prior to his interview, he had a strong intuition that signs would be a natural fit for Axium since the company had existing relationships with real estate agents. Sensing he had found the perfect candidate to run the business, Wade asked Vlad if he could start work the next day, and ListingPro by Axium was founded.

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