There’s more to home improvement than beautifying your property. As you work through different parts of your home, be sure to add safety and security features. It’s easier to sleep at night when you know your home is secure from burglars and other intruders.

Safety measures can also benefit the occupants of a home. Family and friends will be at the household for seven days a week. If the environment is unkempt, it can result in injuries or other harmful incidents. Proper configurations will ensure a healthy living space with free movement and peace of mind.

1. Security Cameras

CCTV surveillance cameras are a great way to give you visibility of what’s happening around the property. Unmask a thief’s trail or track down someone breaking their curfew. Security cameras also deter anyone from sneaking around in your home.

To get the most out of your surveillance cameras, place them by entryways and passage areas like the doors and hallways. Common areas like the living room and kitchen are also good spots. Install them from a high place and point downwards for an expansive view of the space.

2. Tinted Windows

While it’s great to find out what’s happening inside your own home, giving people outside your property a clear look can be unsettling. Consider getting your windows tinted. Having an extra layer of film can allow you privacy in your neighborhood.

House window tinting can also help you protect yourself from sunlight damage. Wooden furniture and floor coverings are subject to discoloration when under intense exposure. The UV rays can also damage your skin cells.

3. Non-Slip Mats

Shiny floors are the mark of a clean home. That said, they’re often dangerous — 44,686 people fatally fell at home and work in 2021. Consider adding some non-slip strips or mats on the floor.

Rubber material on the floor can help prevent accidents. Make sure they are adequately secured to avoid tripping. Place the strips or mats in problem areas like the bathroom and hallways. The stairs are also an excellent space to work on.

4. Furniture Bumpers

Invest in corner and edge furniture bumpers if you have any babies or toddlers in your household. As they start wandering your home, you want to prevent their heads from bumping into tables and cabinetry. Foam or rounded-out bumpers guard them and soften the impact. Adults will also appreciate fewer painful knee bumps or stubbed toes.

5. Garage Door Replacements

Guilty of leaving the garage door open when arriving or leaving the home? You never know when someone will take the opportunity to slip into your home. Homeowners should consider improving their doors to make sure they’re safer. 

Seek a full-on replacement made of high-quality material. This home improvement can get a 93% return on your investment. You can also buy an automatic door closer. Attach this to your garage door and other entrances on the property.

6. Floor Sealants

If you live in a location full of bugs and critters, add sealants to your home’s foundation. Floors and walls are vulnerable to cracks over time. Pests can also create these little access points by themselves. Get rid of the tiny buggers by adding some sealant and securing your home.

To take your project to the next level, invest in weatherstripping. Adhering this specific sealant to your home’s entryways can prevent air from escaping or entering your home. It’s also great at keeping water out during the rainy days.

7. Bright Lighting

Lighting can improve the ambiance in your home while ensuring safety. Simply flip the switches and have a vision of everything in your home without tripping or stumbling on any hazards. Plus, it prevents eye strain in the long run.

If you’re unsure about what types of lights you will get, settle for LED lighting. LED lighting utilizes about 75% less energy while giving you the same brightness level as modern bulbs. They also have a longer life span.

8. Kitchen Storage

An underrated safety upgrade in the kitchen is proper storage. Knives and other bladed kitchen tools can be sharp, so misplacing them around the house can cause worry. You can keep a dedicated sheath and protective case inside a kitchen shelf. Some may also prefer a knife block for easier access when cooking.

9. Cord Organization

The modern household will have multiple cords, whether it’s for kitchen appliances or device chargers. Unfortunately, 24,200 residential electrical fires were reported to U.S. fire departments in 2021. Overlapping these wires can create a spark that leads to one.

To keep your wiring neat and organized, have cord organizers. There are PVC covers to keep your cables untangled and safe from one another. Proper cable management can also mean fewer things to trip on in the future.

10. Smoke Alarms

As an extra precaution against residential fires, have smoke alarms integrated into your home. A fire alarm can provide early warnings to the house occupants. It can help them kill the fire with extinguishers or evacuate if things get serious.

For home occupants who are hard of hearing, consider installing smoke alarm alerts directly at their bedside. Having fire alarms with flashing lights can also capture their attention. Sync these devices with the rest of the other alarms around the home.

11. Grout Repairs

To improve the bathroom or kitchen tiles, commission grout repairs. Grout is a necessary fluid people use to fill in and solidify spaces between floor tiles. This material can crack over time if not applied correctly the first time.

Grout’s addition to the home ensures a seamless look to your flooring. It also keeps your tiles from moving around. Having a leveled and stable foundation as you walk through the space. Be sure to add a grout seal when all is said and done.

12. Gate and Fencing

The outdoor landscape of your home can be quite an eyecatcher, but you don’t want to have random people wandering around the property. Invest in a custom gate and fence. Aside from enhancing your curb appeal, you get maximum security for the people and the home. 

A fence and a gate let strangers know a space is off-limits. This home improvement project can also be ideal to keep kids and pets from wandering out of the house without permission. Draw boundaries on both sides of the yard.

13. Smart Home Automation

Having a smart home automation system and linking different devices can transform the safety of your space. Install smart locks to control and close off household items and systems at your fingertips. Get a live video feed of your home while on errands or vacations. Just remember to operate under a secure Wi-Fi network to keep hackers at bay.

Invest in Home Safety

Some people like to assume their property is safe, but it takes investments and effort to accomplish that. Install the security features that are suitable for your home. That way, you can child-proof your household and deter bad guys from breaking in.