Axium is excited to announce that we are now a Repair Pricer preferred partner!  Save time and negotiate smarter with the #1 tool for busy agents and home buyers – Repair Pricer.  Repair Pricer analyzes information from home inspection reports and produces a report within 24-hours or less that gives the customer 98% accurate information on how much each repair will cost.  This information can be crucial to the negotiation process and gives confidence that you or your clients are getting the best deal on the new home! Click here for more information:

How it works:  

1 – Add a Repair Pricer report to your inspection service for $79.99 by calling 303-831-1202 or by emailing  Be sure to provide the inspection address. 

2 – Once your inspection report is complete, we immediately submit it to the Repair Pricer Team. 

3 – Using AI & human review, defects are researched to get repair information and repair costs based on local estimates.  

4 – All details are compiled in a concise report and delivered to the paying customer in 24-hours or less. 

5 – Use your report to negotiate faster and smarter to be sure you or your clients are getting the best deal on the new home. 

The report is never shared with anyone outside of the customer.   

Click here for a sample report: