Axium Premier Partner Spotlight: Mold Removal Express

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Please join us in welcoming Mold Removal Express to Axium Inspections Premier Partner Program! We are thrilled to have a reliable partner who can handle mold testing, cleaning, and removal while serving Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Wyoming.   

Mold Removal Express is a Colorado-owned and operated mold remediation company. They use a unique process that kills the mold and neutralizes the toxins simultaneously, thereby eliminating the necessity (and cost) of cleaning visible mold. Instead of being an insurmountable roadblock to a real estate transaction, mold will simply be an inconvenience. Mold Removal Express offers a safe, quick, cutting-edge process, plus a 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee and One Year Guarantee against the return of mold.   

As pioneers of what they like to think of as “New Technology” mold remediation processes, Mold Removal Express views itself as an asset to property owners and real estate agents, not overhead. They seek to spread knowledge about mold remediation for the good of the communities they serve. Mold Removal Express offers a safe, convenient, affordable service that will end with you breathing a sigh of relief. You will see that Mold Removal Express is on your side every step of the way, trying to save you money and time.   

The most popular service at Mold Removal Express is the sterilizing and decontamination of crawlspaces and attics. Their process sterilizes large, relatively inaccessible areas while saving people money and offering a unique Money-Back Guarantee and One Year Workmanship Guarantee. Most homes can be fully treated for less than $2,600. By utilizing “Mico-Mist” technology, mold is killed down through the root system, and the mycotoxins they create are neutralized. This mist will reach exposed surfaces and air spaces so they can be easily treated.   

When should Mold Testing Be Done? Mold testing is usually unnecessary when visible mold is present on building materials. The rule of thumb is that if mold is seen, remediation becomes necessary. The same holds true for mold odors in a home. If you smell mold but don’t see it, there is almost certainly mold present, but it is concealed by a wall, ceiling, or floor. Also, consider testing if you are:   

  • Thinking of buying a home you suspect may have had a mold problem in the past and you don’t want it to cause your family to get sick.   
  • You suspect there may be a mold-related health hazard in your home.   
  • You want to ensure the company that did mold removal in your home did a good job.   

Mold Removal Express offers an optional add-on service for Mold Cleaning. Their Mold Remediation Service kills mold and neutralizes the mycotoxins but does not remove the visible mold from the surfaces in your home. Typically, with other mold remediation methods, just killing the mold and leaving the visible presence in place can still allow hazardous conditions to potentially harm the occupants’ health because of active toxins. With their process, however, Mold Removal Express kills the mold through the root system AND neutralizes the toxins at the same time, so any mold colonies that are still remaining are completely harmless.   

Tips for homeowners on how to prevent mold in your home!  

As a homeowner, you should ensure your attic has efficient ventilation to ensure that there is no buildup of humidity that can allow for mold growth. Mold Removal Express has found that the most effective and practical way of removing a high humidity situation in an attic is to have extra vents installed to keep trapped humidity from causing a mold problem. You should also ensure that the dirt in the crawl space under your home is not moist or wet. Suppose the dirt is wet in the crawl space. In that case, the moisture will evaporate, causing a high humidity environment and allowing mold growth on surfaces in the crawl space. Mold Removal Express has found that the most effective and practical way of removing a high humidity situation in a crawl space is to install a vapor barrier over the dirt, preventing moisture and humidity from causing a mold problem.   

Mold Removal Express is a family-owned business that enjoys spending free time with their respective families. Whether it’s riding bikes, going to activities, attending church, or playing sports together, they live a family-focused Colorado life in their free time. They love being in this community and embrace it to its fullest. Please call Mold Removal Express regarding any mold concerns at 720-464-1555!   


Mold Removal Express