ListingPro by Axium has been Colorado’s premier real estate sign printing and listing services company since 2017. Providing tools and resources such as design services, cleaning services, sign and lockbox pickup and dropoff and much more. While creating new and exciting services for our partners and customers to make their lives easier, ListingPro by Axium has also had a strong focus on keeping the prices of our products and services as low as possible. Now that January is here and we recognize another year of Radon Awareness Month, we want to remind everyone that customers of ListingPro by Axium get exclusive discounted pricing to Axium Inspection’s services including Radon Tests and Radon Mitigation installations.

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, radioactive gas that has been found in homes all over the United States. Breathing radon gas for prolonged periods of time can present a significant health risk. This threat is completely preventable as radon can be detected with a quick, simple, and non-invasive test. The U.S. EPA and the U.S. Geological Survey have raised the radon potential in Colorado and have established Colorado as a Zone 1 state. Zone 1 states have the HIGHEST RISK for elevated radon which means radon tests and mitigation are of the upmost importance.

These discounts, or perks, on Radon services are guaranteed the best pricing you can get in Colorado. Some of these perks include:

  1. $99 Radon Tests
  2. $998 Radon Mitigations

ListingPro Customers also receive discounts on other Axium Inspection services such as:

  1. $98 Sewer Scopes
  2. $198 Environmental Tests
  3. $68 off Home Inspections

To learn more about the discounts available to ListingPro customers and how to sign up, visit us online by clicking the button below.