Please join us in welcoming Chimney Sweeps of America to Axium Inspections Premier Partner Program!  We are thrilled to have a reliable partner who are experts in chimney or fireplace needs, including installations, inspection, repair, liners, or sweeps.  They have been serving the Denver community since 1982.   

As a local family owned and operated business, Chimney Sweeps of America believes in delivering high-quality work at reasonable prices.  Throughout their 30+ years in business, they have developed the expertise to keep you, your home and your family safe.  Their excellent ratings and reviews from over 10,000 clients, can attest to their knowledge and experience in this industry.  Not only does Chimney Sweeps of America have the experience, but the certifications, as well.  They currently have the ONLY NFI Master Hearth Professional (MHP) in the greater Denver area, plus their team members have been trained and certified to meet guidelines established by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fireplace Institue (NFI) Certified Wood, Gas & Pellet. 

As we quickly approach the Colorado winter, who is ready to stay warm and cozy with a nice fire?  “Firing-up” the fireplace is often when homeowners remember they didn’t get their chimney swept from the previous season or notice smoke leaving through mortar cracks.   Chimney issues can often be hard to find or seen by homeowners.  Typical home inspection standards do not require a full internal inspection of a fireplace chimney, thus do not uncover issues within the chimney flue.  Further inspection is needed by a trained, certified professional to ensure a chimney is functioning properly.  Proper maintenance and care are also vital in helping to prevent the following common chimney problems: 

  • Obstruction
  • Creosote
  • Cracks in the flue

Each of these issues can put you and your family at risk if not properly inspected or serviced by a professional.  Chimney Sweeps of America provides inspection, maintenance, repair and sweep services at a fair and reasonable cost to help prevent any dangerous issues from occurring. 

What Is Creosote Gas & Is It Dangerous?  Creosote gas is emitted when you burn wood in your fireplace.  The wood releases unburned gases and they will condensate on the wall lining of your chimney creating a glaze substance called creosote.  It can be crusty/flaky, tar-like, sticky or shiny and hard substance on your chimney.  The purpose of a chimney is not only to add architectural interest, but to carry dangerous flue gases out of your home via the fireplace.  Creosote can’t be avoided if you burn wood, but you can help minimize the build up by burning small, very intense fires using dry well-seasoned wood and get a routine chimney sweep.  The buildup of creosote can lead to chimney fires or potential health problems if touched or inhaled. 

Chimney Sweeps of America has provided chimney sweeps for Denver, Boulder, and the Front Range since 1982.  Certified by the Chimney Safety Institue of America, each team member is trained in the proper techniques and have the equipment to properly remove any creosote buildup quickly and thoroughly.  During this time, they can also provide a proper inspection to ensure there are no other issues or defects that need to be resolved.  Call the professionals at 720-465-1205 to determine the safety of your chimney. 

Chimney Sweeps of America prides themselves on the following: 

  • Focus on keeping your home clean and mess free 
  • A certified technician on every truck we send to our client 
  • Excellent customer service team that allows you to talk to an actual person during their business hours of Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm 
  • Dependable, knowledgeable, professional, fair and CSIA Certified 
  • Proud of their ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and solve their chimney or fireplace problems

 Chimney Sweeps of America