Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

As a Real Estate Agent, it is no surprise that a large part of your job involves interacting and building relationships with people you’ve never met before. It is essential to take a couple steps to implement a safety plan for meeting with clients to ensure that you never put your personal safety in jeopardy while hosting a showing or open house.

The team at Axium Inspections has compiled a list of tips and best practices to ensure that your safety is always the first priority when selling a home.  

Team Axium's Safety Tips

  • Always meet new clients at your office or in a public, neutral location, such as a coffee shop when meeting for the first time.
  • Share your appointment schedule and client contact information with a colleague, assistant, family member or all of the above! The more people that know your whereabouts, the better.
  • In addition to sharing your schedule, develop a secret, distress code to use in the event that you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation. A distress code is a codeword that is not frequently used but can be worked into any conversation to convey to your colleague, assistant or family member that you are in danger. For example, “Hello this is Kathleen. I am with Mr. Smith at the Main Street listing. Can you please email me the red file?” The term “red file” will signal to your point of contact that you are in danger and need assistance.
  • Do not share information about where you live, information about your family members, typical office hours, etc. If possible, avoid using your photo and home address on initial forms of client communication including advertisements or business cards.
  • Do not host open houses alone. Always try to host with a colleague.
  • Check your cell phone battery and cell signal before heading to an appointment. Alert a colleague, assistant or family member if you have a low battery or signal issues as well as the time you are meeting with your client so that they can be on the lookout for your return. Team Axium suggests purchasing an inexpensive portable phone charger to ensure that you have full battery at all times.
  • Avoid going into attics, crawl spaces, or garages where you could be trapped, especially if you are alone. Team Axium also recommends getting in the habit of having the client walk in front of you during a showing while you direct them from behind. For example, you can gesture for them to walk in front of you and say “the half bathroom is just ahead on your left and the home office is located on the right.”
  • Only show properties before dark. If you must show a property after dark, notify a member of your team or supervisor of your appointment so that someone has knowledge of the appointment and the estimated time that you will be done. Prior to meeting the client, ensure that the inside of the home is well lit and that no curtains or blinds are closed.

    For More Information:

    The National Association of Realtors has compiled a list of helpful resources for personal protection including several smartphone safety apps, webinars, articles and much more. Click the button below to learn more!

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