August is National Water Quality Month


The Clean Water Act was passed in 1972 but most people are unaware of the little ways they can pollute their water. Water Quality Month reminds us to take a long, hard look at what your household and community are doing to protect sources of fresh water.

Local Water Providers Across the Country

Fun Water Facts

  • Half of the United States population lives within 50 miles of a coast
  • Each year 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, storm water, and industrial waste are dumped into U.S. waters
  • Cruise ships produce over 200,000 gallons of sewage which is mostly released in the ocean.

How to Celebrate Water Quality Month

Use These 4 Easy Steps!
Water Quality - Dogs

1. Pick Up After Your Pets

Animal waste contains harmful organisms like e. coli, salmonella, and giardia. If you don’t pick up after your pet, the storm waters could wash these pollutants into our waterways and contaminate the water. Animals waste is also high in nitrogen which at excess can deplete the oxygen in water making it harmful for fish and other underwater plants.

2. Use the Car Wash

Washing your car at home can flush chemicals down the storm drains that flow into our lakes and streams. Professional car washes are required to drain into sewer systems so that wastewater plants can treat the water before it is re-used.

Water Quality Car Wash
Water Quality Food

3. Use a Trash Can, NOT the Drain

Avoid putting products like motor oil, prescription medications, antibacterial household cleaners, paints, bug/pest repellants, and detergents. We don’t want products like this down the drain and into our waterways because they have toxic chemicals in them.

4. Don't Use Fertilizer/Pesticides

Fertilizer and pesticides can run off the soil and contaminate the waterways that feed our drinking water supplies. Exposure to these chemicals can cause harm to humans and wildlife alike.
Water Quality Fertilizer/Pesticides

Test Your Water Today!

Complete Colorado Home Inspections Services

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Colorado inspection services

Certified Buyer Home Inspections

Our Colorado Inspection Services include many necessary inspection needs. Axium Inspections has ASHI and NACHI certified inspectors to ensure your home purchase is free of any costly future repairs and worries. We will inspect everything from the roof to the foundation, and everything in between.

Colorado inspection services

Certified Pre-Listing Inspections

Getting your home inspected before you sell, reveals problems ahead of time which: Make your home show better; Prevent delays in obtaining the Use and Occupancy permit; Remove over-inflated buyer procured estimates from any future negotiations; Deter defects from becoming negotiating stumbling blocks later.

New Home Build Phase Inspections

It’s important to get your new home inspected, despite your confidence in your builder. All homes have defects, even brand new constructions. Make sure you are aware of these mistakes before your house is finished and you’ve moved in.

One Year Builder's Warranty Inspection

One-Year Warranty inspections are performed thirty days prior to the expiration of the builder’s one-year new home warranty. We address any warranty related concerns you should bring to the builder’s attention. This saves you from any costly expenses you will be responsible for in the future.

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Axium Inspections is known for providing in-depth, expert inspection services for commercial properties throughout the front range.  We have Certified Building Inspectors on staff who provide a professional analysis of any property with no biased opinions. Our commercial Colorado inspection services includes the building structure, operating systems, elements, and components servicing the property.

Certified Mold Inspections and Testing

Axium Inspections is nationally certified for mold inspections and mold testing. We send all of our mold test lab samples to a nationally accredited lab for analysis with a fast 48 hour turnaround on lab results. Our mold inspectors will perform a comprehensive visual mold inspection and create a report for you with an analysis of the results and information on moisture intrusion.

Infra-red Thermal Inspection

Our thermal-graphic camera enables a powerful noninvasive method to monitor and diagnose the condition of buildings. This technology quickly identifies any problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Results are captured and documented instantly and easily into professional reports – providing tangible proof of your findings.

Well-Water Inspection and Water Quality Testing

Colorado homes utilize wells in many areas; ensuring your water quality is high and your well-pump is working at optimal capacity is important for your health and you pocket. Make sure your water is not contaminated and that your pump is functioning properly.

Wood- Destroying Organism

Wood-Destroying Organism Inspections

Termites, ants, beetles, bees, and fungi are wood-destroying organisms, which can do massive damage to a home and greatly lessen its value. A wood destroying organism (WDO) inspection is a written report on a home or property with visible and accessible evidence of an infestation or damage by wood destroying organisms.

Asbestos Testing and Inspections

Axium’s Colorado Asbestos inspection will be completely unbiased. We have no connection to any asbestos mitigation company. We can guarantee accurate, truthful results. We care only about your safety, not about the profit of an asbestos removal company.

Lead Testing

Lead-based paint was used in old homes and is detrimental to you and your family's health. Our State-Listed inspectors are certified, bonded, and insure to assist with your lead testing.

Rain Drop

Moisture and Water Intrusion Inspections

Our inspectors perform a visual inspection for signs of water damage with hand held moisture meters. These meters determine if building materials are wet. We also utilize a thermal imaging or infrared camera.

Sewer Scope

Sewer Scope

By taking the time to have a sewer line inspection, you avoid the chance of getting a nasty surprise after your home purchase. We can offer you the advance knowledge of the home's sewer line condition. Whether you are a home buyer or home owner, you should have your sewer line checked to make sure there are no breaks or blockages.

Septic Tank Inspections

It is recommended that a septic system be inspected when buying a new home and every 2-3 years.  A septic inspection provides an up-to-date snapshot of how a system is operating and what maintenance schedules to follow.

Septic Pump-Outs & Cleaning

Depending on the size, usage and condition of the system, it is recommended that septic tanks be pumped out every 1 - 5 years to avoid sludge levels building up to hazardous levels and/or creating a back up or overflow. A septic tank cleaning is recommended every 1 - 5 years to prevent clogging or damage to the system.