Joe did a fantastic job inspecting our new home this week! He was kind and professional while he did the inspection. He also pointed out little things for us to know when we moved in, such as which GFCI outlet would trip when different outlets were overloaded. Very helpful because in some cases it would not trip the GFCI outlet that was the closest, and would be a pain to figure out yourself

. He was thorough, but still efficient. It took 2 hours to complete the inspection, and we had the inspection report before the end of the day!

Justin Simpson| Home Inspection & Moisture and Thermal Infrared Inspection| Denver Colorado |80212|Sloan Lake

They were incredibly thorough in making sure every aspect of the house was evaluated, and gave a detailed report. They took the time to walk us through the house and point out any concerns. Highly recommend!
Morgan snapp| Home Inspection & EMF Testing| Denver Colorado |80210|University Park

Our inspector was early, thorough and had our best interest at heart. We were very appreciative of the level of detail they went through in inspecting the home we were about to buy. Thank you!

Hannah Hebberd| Home Inspection & Asbestos Testing| Denver Colorado |80204|Valverde

Dirck did a great job. Arrived on time and was very thorough. Spent plenty of time to explain what he was doing and what problems he found.
Very detailed report. Would use again.

James Goldin| Home Inspection & Electromagnetic Field Monitoring| Denver Colorado |80239|Parkfield

Ron was wonderful to work with. Super nice, tidy, thoughtful about how to get the right tests while not ripping up very visual spaces. We managed to find some places out of obvious sight lines to take the samples – which require cutting up paint and gouging out some small holes of plaster.

The axiom team helped me make an economical yet safe decision about the right amount of samples and locations to test for asbestos.

Max Harper| Home Inspection & Lead Based Paint Testing| Denver Colorado |80466|Sunnyside