2 – Limited Mold Inspection
2.7.1 – Areas, Systems, and Components Inspected

Areas, Systems, and Components Inspected 1

Areas, Systems, and Components Inspected 2

Areas, Systems, and Components Inspected 3


The following areas, systems, or components had visible mold growth, the presence of moisture or moisture intrusion, and/or conditions that are conducive to mold growth:

Observed soft/swollen flooring in the hallway and a mold like substance in the Primary Bathroom at the shower and sink areas.

A qualified mold mitigation contractor should evaluate further and repair or replace as necessary and according to current standards.

2.8.1 – Mold Testing Summary and Results
Mold Testing Summary and Results 1
Mold Testing Summary and Results 2

Quantity and concentration of basidiospores: 

Primary Bathroom : 152 – Moderate 

This score indicates the likelihood that basidiospores present in the indoor sample originated from indoor sources. Basidiospores are extremely common outdoors and originate from fungi in gardens, forests, and woodlands. It is rare for the source of basidiospores to be indoors because basidiospores are produced by a group of fungi that includes mushrooms and other “macro fungi” (and are not technically molds). Their concentrations can be extremely high outdoors during wet conditions such as rain. Nevertheless, in certain conditions basidiospores can be produced indoors, and a high rating indicates that there is probably a source of basidiospores indoors. One reason basidiospores are important is that they can be an indicator of wood decay (e.g. “dry rot”), a condition that can dramatically reduce the structural integrity of a building.

We recommend that you consult with an EPA certified mold mitigation company if you are not familiar with how to locate and safely remove mold growth or how to identify and correct moisture problems that may exist. 

Recommend contacting a qualified mold mitigation company for further evaluation of the moderate or high levels of Basidiospores that were identified in the air sample that was taken at the time of the inspection. A recommendation for a local company is Spectrum Cleaning and Restoration at 720-316-6850.