Axium Launches Two New Services - Septic Inspections & Septic Tank Pumping

Axium is thrilled to announce that, after many months of researching and training for certification, we have added two new services to our portfolio – septic system inspections and septic tank pumping.

of Colorado Households are on Septic

of all Septic Systems are over 30-Years Old

Septic Systems Fail Each Year

Why Get a Septic Inspection

  • Don’t delay a sale. Most counties require a septic “use-permit” inspection as a part of a real estate transaction.
  • Avoid unforeseeable expenses. A fresh report on the general design, operation, and current condition of the septic system will alert a homeowner to any issues of immediate or future concern, allowing them to proactively make a plan.

When Should a Septic Tank Be Pumped?

  • It is recommended that septic tanks be pumped every 1-5 years, depending on the tank and household size, or after any remodeling or renovations.
  • Most counties require a pump-out upon sale, and most HOAs/Covenants require it every 1-3 years for homes with septic systems.

Call Axium at 720-740-2338 to schedule or schedule online at  Use code NEWS50 for $30 off online septic orders.