Searching for Home - History Colorado Center

The Searching for Home: Homelessness in Colorado History is a thought-provoking and beautiful exhibit on the history of economic struggle and the deep complexities of homelessness. With a goal of impacting and harming the long-standing, often incorrect, stereotypes of homelessness, this exhibit is a must see!

Robots Rising

The Longmont Museum, located a little ways out of Denver, has an amazing hands on exhibit for your family. It only goes until January 3rd, so make sure you get the kids there before break is over.

The exhibit looks at how robots work, robots in pop culture, and you even get to drive a robot through a simulated disaster scene!

Feeling Artsy?

Denver Art Museum has a some amazing events and exhibits. To name just a couple: Strong Statements is an exhibit of the deep work of six different Native American artists. Robert Bayer’s exhibit of paintings are also one to be sure that you visit.

The Power of Poison - Museum of Nature and Science

The Power of Poison exhibit is free with admission and explores poison in animals and nature as well as historical uses of poison in magic.

A great exhibit for the family, and entrance gets you into many other amazing areas of the museum, including the Egyptian exhibit and more.

Clyfford Still's "Replicas" at the Clyfford Still Museum

Famous artist, Clyfford Still’s “Replicas” is an amazing exhibit that features works that were showcased at some of the world’s most renowned art museums. His unique, and ingenius take on Abstract Expressionism is not one to miss witnessing.

Sherlock Holmes Exhibit - Museum of Nature and Science

The Sherlock Holmes exhibit is designed to test your powers of observation, set in a Victorian London exhibit. A fun choice for the whole family!

They even have a special showing of Sherlock Holmes for teens on December 30th.