Benefits of Well Water Quality Testing & Inspections

A number of Colorado homes utilize wells to provide water to drink, cook, bathe and so much more. Frequent Well Water Testing is essential to ensure resident’s health and safety and there is no better time to test a home then when you are buying or selling it!

Axium Inspections provides first-rate Well Water Quality Testing and Inspections.  We test to ensure that your water quality is high, that it is not contaminated and that your well-pump is working at optimal capacity.

During a well water quality inspection, we take samples of the water for analysis at a local lab as well as conduct a well-water flow test. We will test that the pump operates at an acceptable capacity for an extended period of time by measuring the time in which it takes the well to fill a five-gallon bucket. This gives us a more accurate estimate wherein we can then provide you with information on your well-pump’s functionality. It also lets us know whether there may be any issues such as a crack in your pump that otherwise would not be discovered.

Domestic Water Sample Reports Include:

  • Total Alkalinity (mg/L as CaCo3)
  • Bicarbonate (mg/L)
  • Carbonate (mg/L)
  • Chloride (mg/L)
  • Iron (mg/L)
  • Fluoride (mg/L)
  • Potassium (mg/L)
  • Nitrate Nitrogen (mg/L)
  • pH (units)
  • Calcium (mg/L)
  • Magnesium (mg/L)
  • Sodium (mg/L)
  • Sodium Adsorption Ration (units)
  • Total Hardness (mg/L as CaCO3)
  • Sulfate (mg/L)
  • Total Dissolved Solids(mg/L)
    *mg/L = Milligrams Per Liter or PPM

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