When making home improvements, there’s a fine line between creating something that feels catered to your individual style and increasing the house’s value. Some upgrades may make your heart flutter but be a turnoff for future homebuyers.

Here’s a selection of projects, ranging from quick weekend renovations to a few more extensive options, to help you decide where to invest your money. Each of these will add a touch of character to your home by improving storage, function or design. Pick one or more of these unique upgrades to increase your home’s ROI and put your stamp on it.

Outdoor Renovations

Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value report has been an industry standard for decades. For many years, exterior projects have taken most of the top ranks for ROI. Almost anything you can do to the outside of your home will exponentially increase its value. 

1. Add a Bit of Fun to the Entry

Your front door and surrounding area are the first real impression a guest or buyer has when they visit your home. Make an unforgettable impression by adding unique house numbers or choosing a bold paint color for the door. If you go for a vibrant hue, stand back on the street to ensure it doesn’t clash with your current color palette or home style.

2. Install a Bar Rail to Your Deck

Do you love to entertain? Installing a bar rail on a portion of your deck will give you more options for guests to eat or store their drinks. Tables take up valuable space and can only seat so many. For large gatherings, a bar rail is a perfect solution.

3. Build Raised Garden Beds

Sustainable living is gaining in popularity. Building a few raised garden beds on your lot will allow you to grow some of your own fresh produce and become less reliant on grocery stores. Future occupants will love the opportunity to do the same. Plus, the low maintenance of raised beds makes them more beginner friendly.

4. Create an Outdoor Destination

This project is the most extensive renovation but can drastically improve the appeal of your home. Consider adding an area specifically for entertainment and enjoyment. If you don’t already have a deck, that would be a good place to start. Otherwise, a fire pit or alternative outdoor seating area are great options.

Kitchen Renovations

Minor kitchen remodels currently rank No. 3 on Remodeling Magazine’s list, with a 71% ROI on average. The estimated cost for this project is $28,279. With careful budgeting and a little DIY, you could easily complete all these kitchen renovations for less money and bring some personality into your home.

5. Add a Pop of Color to Your Cabinets

Nothing says your entire kitchen has to stay neutral to appeal to future buyers. Use bold colors in small areas. A popular trend at the moment is to add a splash of color to the kitchen island cabinetry. You could also paint your lowers or uppers to achieve a similar effect.

6. Select Unique Hardware

Kitchen hardware is a simple switch anyone can accomplish in a day or two. Choose statement metals like gold or brass. Influence the room’s aesthetic by choosing between ornate styles or simple and sleek modern drawer pulls. You’ll find something to suit you no matter your preferences. It’s also easy for new homeowners to switch out if they don’t like it.

7. Install Hidden Plugs

Outlets can be an eyesore in an otherwise pristine and elegantly styled kitchen. Remove the problem by hiding them with popup plugs. They blend into your countertop and pop up with the push of a button. The only drawback is you’ll likely need professional help unless you’re an advanced DIYer.

8. Build End Cabinet Storage

End cabinet storage improves functionality in your kitchen and also adds Pinterest-worthy appeal. The easiest way to accomplish this is to hire a professional to custom make a tall cabinet to match your existing ones. Afterward, you’ll have a narrow closet for brooms, spices or dry goods that blends seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

Bathroom Renovations

Prospective homebuyers value kitchens and bathrooms highly when making a decision, mainly because they’re the most expensive to renovate. However, ROI in these rooms tends to suffer if you go overboard. Make small changes with big impact if you want to spruce up your bathroom and improve your home’s value.

9. Install a Chandelier Over the Tub

Lighting in most bathrooms typically revolves around vanity lights. However, strategic fixtures elsewhere in the room can make an even more significant impact. If your main bathroom has a nice soaker tub, installing a chandelier overhead makes quite a statement. Depending on your tastes and the room’s design, you can select something traditional or more modern.

10. Upgrade to a Large Mirror

Mirrors can completely transform a space, especially in small bathrooms or those with minimal natural light. Upgrading your vanity mirror to something larger will reflect more light around the room and make the limited area feel much bigger.

11. Add Built-in Step Stools

Little kids have difficulty reaching the sink to wash their hands, so they end up asking for help, or you have to deal with stools in the bathroom for years. If you have small children, you can have someone create custom built-in foot stools that slide in and out from under the vanity. Your kids pull them out when needed and push them back in when not in use. As they get older, the stools blend in with the vanity and stay put.

Other Unique Renovation Ideas

Smaller renovations can offer a big bang for your buck in style or functionality. You’ll love how they update your home, and future buyers will admire your attention to detail.

12. Install Automatic Blinds

Professionally installed remote-controlled blinds add a touch of sophistication to any home. You’ll enjoy controlling the amount of sun coming into your home throughout the day. Future occupants will immediately see the value in a permanent window treatment.

13. Get Creative With Planning

In today’s world of interior design, paneling is no longer a faux pas. With many different forms of wainscotting, shiplap and more, you’re bound to find something perfect for your home. For example, modern architecture pairs well with an asymmetrical board and batten wall.

14. Paint the Ceiling

Many homeowners consider repainting their homes’ walls to reflect their personal style. However, most people neglect to look up when making color choices. Painting the ceiling in a statement color can be a low-key way to add some flair to any room. Make sure the shade you choose is also reflected in some smaller decorative items so it ties in with everything, or it will feel jarring and out of place.

Balance Is Key

When renovating your home to suit your needs and aesthetics, you should still consider what future buyers might be looking for, especially if you plan to sell in the not-too-distant future. Any bold choices you make should be easily changeable if the next owners don’t love your style.

Fixtures and paint are easy places to take some risks, but changes to the layout of your home should be beneficial for you as well as future occupants. Keep these ideas in mind as you choose what to incorporate into your dream home.