Tips to Prepare a Spring Listing

Tips to Prep for a Spring Listing

There’s no better time to buy or sell a home than the Spring when inventories are lower and the number of prospective buyers is higher.

It’s no surprise that the Colorado housing market is very competitive! Sellers are eager to have the “for sale” sign in front of their houses and buyers are hungry and hunting for new opportunities after a slow winter. While the prospect of connecting buyers to their dream homes is higher, the agents who strike the mouthwatering deals have to do some behind-the-scenes work before the spring market.

Stay ahead of the curve and maximize your chances of success this spring with the tips below!

Personally Connect With Homeowners

Get a competitive edge by sourcing for homes that are currently available in the market and those that are about to go on sale. Get in touch with your leads and connect with homeowners. Win them over with personalized pitches and maintain a line of communication. Stay ahead of the game now so that you’ll be right in the center of the action when spring season hits fever pitch.


Advise Clients on Prepping the Home

When selling a property, it must be prepared to be appealing to prospective buyers or the real estate market in any season.

Exterior Preparations: They say first impressions count which is certainly true in buying and selling real estate. So, it’s about making sure the outside of the home looks and feels clean.

Advise your clients to rake the leaves, mow the lawn and remove any debris. A manicured lawn tells prospective buyers you’re also about the little details – inside and out. Tidy the flower beds, clear out the garage and gutters. Also, thoroughly wash windows so they reflect sunlight.

Don’t let anything like overgrown vegetation block the path to the entrance of the house or windows. Trim bushes and cut down trees to allow sunlight to shine on the home and into the rooms.

Interior Preparations: Just as the exterior is important for first impressions, you’ll want the interior to be just as eye catching so that the home will leave a better and stronger lasting impression on prospective buyers

Consider acquiring the expertise of a professional home cleaning service. They can be thorough as they focus on the windows, walls, light fixtures, flooring, vacuuming, and upholsteries. The result is a decluttered, highly organized, and very presentable interior of the home.

    Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

    A pre-listing home inspection allows you to be in sync with the nature of the spring market — fast-paced. Buyers are also happy to secure their first choice homes quickly and would have a lot more trust and confidence if there was a pre-listing inspection report to consider when comparing it to other homes. A pre-listing inspection gives you a heads-up and affords you enough time to correct any defects that are likely to be a sticking point with potential buyers. This can be the difference in securing the best possible deal for your client and also reduces the likelihood and amount of negotiations.

    Brainstorm Renovations with the Homeowner

    Not all renovations increase the value or selling price of a property from a buyer’s perspective. But when they do, discuss the prospect with your clients and let them know the things that are likely to put buyers off before the negotiations even begin. It makes little sense to keep showcasing a home only for a buyer’s inspection to reveal serious issues with the structure which drives them away.

    With the help of a pre-listing home inspection, there should be enough time to carry out any necessary repairs and improvements before the home hits the market.

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    Axium adds Septic Inspections & Septic Tank Cleaning Services!

    Axium Launches Two New Services - Septic Inspections & Septic Tank Pumping

    Axium is thrilled to announce that, after many months of researching and training for certification, we have added two new services to our portfolio – septic system inspections and septic tank pumping.

    of Colorado Households are on Septic

    of all Septic Systems are over 30-Years Old

    Septic Systems Fail Each Year

    Why Get a Septic Inspection

    • Don’t delay a sale. Most counties require a septic “use-permit” inspection as a part of a real estate transaction.
    • Avoid unforeseeable expenses. A fresh report on the general design, operation, and current condition of the septic system will alert a homeowner to any issues of immediate or future concern, allowing them to proactively make a plan.

    When Should a Septic Tank Be Pumped?

    • It is recommended that septic tanks be pumped every 1-5 years, depending on the tank and household size, or after any remodeling or renovations.
    • Most counties require a pump-out upon sale, and most HOAs/Covenants require it every 1-3 years for homes with septic systems.

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