7 Common Defects We Find In A New Home

We continuously get new home owners ask about why they would need a home inspection for a brand new home. While buying a new home guarantees you will have less problems, it NEVER means you have will have none. Building is not a perfect science. While builders know what they are doing and are generally great at it, it is easy to make big mistakes which have huge monetary and safety impacts. This is also true during times of a 1-year Warranty Inspection.

Read Below To View Our List of Common Defects

All of which are found in new homes and during a 1-year Warranty Inspection.

Without getting your home inspected, you set yourself up for numerous hassles. You will have to call the builder and arrange for them to come out and look at defects. They come out. They need to arrange a subcontractor, arrange with you to be home, let them in, maybe take off work. You don’t want to be calling the builder every day, having them come in multiple times to fix all of the small repairs needed in your house. You don’t want to have to deal with this every week of the first year in your new home. We’ve had clients who’ve had to do this once a week. If you find 30 defects during the first year, that’s a lot of calling and time off.

Instead, get your home inspected throughout the building process and before the one-year warranty is up!

New Home Construction

Structural Issues

Structural issues are costly and dangerous. We have inspected many homes with structural issues you would never expect to look for. Many times, the builder is installed an AC or furnace system and they can cut attic trusses are structural beams. When workers need to run a heating duct or pipe, they could accidentally cut through a floor joist or an I-beam, or even move a support that is in the way of their piping.


Roofing, Flashing, and Wall Issues

We find issues with roofing and flashing often when inspecting new builds and homes that are one-year old. These issues are not apparent until damage is too extensive to be a quick and easy fix. Leaking into your attic and home from issues with roofing can cause not only costly repairs, but health issues including mold.


Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood floor improperly installed in a basement can cause MAJOR cost to you if you do not catch it before issues arise. The concrete floors can be improperly sealed and not with the right number of coats underneath. This has a high potential for moisture to intrude and create cupping and curling in the wood. More seriously, it can become a breeding ground for mold. This will be found during a new build inspection and a 1-year Warranty Inspection. Another issue we run into with hardwood flooring is the finish being improperly done. This means the builder had to come back out to resand, refinish, and revarnish the entire floor of the home. All furniture will have to be moved out, and you and your family will have to find some “great” in-laws to stay with.


Safety Issues

Structural and cosmetic issues are one thing, but mistakes made during the building process could put your family’s safety at serious risk. On multiple occasions, our inspectors have found flue pipes disconnected in the walls. This emits carbon dioxide and other gases into your home’s attic, closets, basement, mechanical rooms, and more.


Electrical Hazards

When inspecting new homes, we have found wires left cut or unsecured; these can spark and cause a fire.  Main electrical disconnect pipes have been inspected and confirmed they have settled. A coupler disconnected from under the service panel & putting stress on the main electrical panel can create arcing and huge issues. These items all happened after the electrical inspections and could have been a major fire hazard.


Elevated Levels of Radon

Many homeowners assume that only old homes have elevated levels of radon. This is far from the truth. The soil new homes are being built on often contributes to high levels in these communities. Plus, Colorado is a Zone Red State, meaning ALL counties and homes have the potential for elevated levels – whether the home is not even finished being built or 100 years old.
Your family’s safety is important to protect. If you don’t know you have high levels, you can’t protect them.
If you get a radon test and the results come back elevated, you can often get it subsidized by your Builder if it is before your one-year warranty is up. Don’t delay. Protect your family, and get your home tested for radon today during your 1-year Warranty Inspection.


Small, Costly Long Term Issues

There are numerous issues we find that don’t automatically equate to immediate problems or necessary repairs. Issues like small flashing areas being forgotten on roofs or exterior walls can build up and years later you will find rotting siding, ceilings, and structural wood, along with mold. This among many other issues present commonly without the homeowner’s awareness until it is too late. To prevent this, you have to get a new home inspected and opt for a 1-year Warranty Inspection.

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