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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Here at Axium we take pride in our expertise and ability to perform a thorough home inspection. This allows us to provide our clients with a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee* with your home inspection. If you are not completely satisfied with the home inspection we will refund the home inspection fee (does not include ancillary services: radon, sewer scope, mold, etc.) and provide you with another home inspection free of charge from one of our Certified Master Inspectors at the same house.

We are so confident with what we do that we are always willing to back up every home inspection with our 200% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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*In order to qualify for the 200% Satisfaction Guarantee we must be notified within 30 Days after you receive your home inspection report. If we are not notified within the 30 Day time frame you may not qualify for the 200% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any questions about our 200% Satisfaction Guarantee please call into our office.